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Everybody joins a gym to achieve something important but very few are given the correct direction to make it possible.

GymVision was founded to provide a higher level of support and most importantly make the process FUN!

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We’ve got a great set of personal trainers on board. Whatever your goal, we’ll help you get there.

Andrew Murray
Andrew MurrayDirector at Gymvision
Francesca Murray
Francesca MurrayDirector at GymVision
Joey Farrell
Joey FarrellLevel 3 Personal Trainer
Chris Elliott
Chris ElliottLevel 3 Personal Trainer
Cara-May Rizza
Cara-May RizzaLevel 3 Personal Trainer
Dai Llewellyn
Dai LlewellynLevel 3 Personal Trainer

Whether you like to train solo, as a team or are a Boot Camp conquerer, you can use GymVision to create your vision.

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