We’ve got a great set of personal trainers on board. Whatever your goal, we’ll help you get there.

Andrew Murray
Andrew MurrayDirector at Gymvision
10 years personal training experience.
Lower back specialist.
Corrective exercise technique.
Francesca Murray
Francesca MurrayDirector at GymVision
13 years personal training and sports massage experience.
Sports and remedial deep tissue massage therapist.
Injury rehabilitation.
Joey Farrell
Joey FarrellLevel 3 Personal Trainer
2 x UKBFF Junior Mr Wales Champion.
Chris Elliott
Chris ElliottLevel 3 Personal Trainer
Martial Arts trained.
Cara-May Rizza
Cara-May RizzaLevel 3 Personal Trainer
Junior USN Classic Bikini Champion.
Dai Llewellyn
Dai LlewellynLevel 3 Personal Trainer
Ex International Rugby player

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